Philadelphia Guitar Classes


Quality Instruction, Innovative Curriculum, Unique Learning Resources.

Swift Guitar Lessons is Philadelphia’s number 1 rated lessons provider because we pride ourselves in going the extra mile! At Swiftlessons, our dedicated students are guaranteed success through quality instruction, an innovative and effect teaching model and unique learning tools like easy to understand practice guides, and HD video tutorials!

The Swiftlessons Terms & Service Guarantees:

  1. Your progress is guaranteed...WITH PRACTICE ;)

  2. Students are encouraged to seek additional guidance via email/text, but preferably via our official Facebook page.

  3. Useful practice tools are always available.

  4. Lessons purchased can not be refunded, however they can be  redeemed anytime within six months of the date of purchase.

  5. Flexible scheduling: Cancellations must be made 48hrs of scheduled appointment.

  6. Lessons must be prepaid.

The Swiftlessons Guarantee: